I am an  ‘avid gardener’- that is to say, I have worked in multiple nurseries, spend too much time online looking up things starting with ‘phyto’, have to keep focused on the road because I’m too busy rubbernecking a great specimen in a passing yard, and cannot resist the impulse to weed when engaged in casual conversation.  I can run a tractor, give antibiotic shots to a chicken and graft a tree- despite the fact that I’m not a farm girl.  

I am, as you will soon find out if you actually follow this blog, an environmentalist. I’m fanatical about permaculture,  which really means that with a bit of research, most of the time you can actually be lazier!  Permaculture is my passion, my favourite pastime and IMO a  way to save us all from ourselves while enjoying life more. 

 I also enjoy wildcrafting and primitive skills, so there will be entries on more than typical garden plants.  And yes, it’s not just an obsession, it’s a profession too- I do garden design by contract. My particular specialty is permaculture,  but I get great satisfaction from designing something that’s perfect for the owner, their needs and level of participation. ( I’m constantly frustrated with designs I’m handed by nursery customers that seem tailored to the designers taste, or worse, default plant choices from a landscape program- augh.) Hopefully, I can add some exciting new projects to the blog soon.

If I’m not recreating Norse kitchen utensils, sexing a duck, or painting erotic scenes with goniochromic enamel, (yes, I have other interests;-), I’m probably in the garden.  Or someone else’s.