Ah, the intimidating first blog post . Hello and welcome to my world.  What is this here blog all about?` I intend  to concentrate on posts aimed at the home gardener and smallholder who is like me, interested in getting the most out of the land in a sustainable, healthy, fun and productive manner.

Who’s me, LilyISay, the Leila Bee? I’m a plant nut, but also nuts about the Arts, ‘green’ design, the environment, herbalism,  new technologies and innovations, OLD technologies that work just fine, thanks, being self sufficient, the urban hen movement and a whole lot of peripheral stuff that interests me and connects in some way to the preceding.  Which in gardening is pretty much everything;-)  In short, if it ends in -ology, I’m interested.  Professionally, I am a visual artist and  garden designer by contract with a day job I love: advising, answering and educating people in the nursery. Our rather unusual nursery also sells poultry as well as plants, so don’t be surprised if the occasional bird post sneaks it’s way in.

Naturally, my posts will have a lot to do with the Pacific Northwest that I know, love and have to deal with on a daily basis.  I plan to include as many handy links to great gardening sites and other great references as I can. The plan is to have a regular bimonthly post.  One plant of the month and one other article related to horticulture, on Wednesday nights 1st and 3rd weeks of each month. Of course, I may feel sufficiently inspired to do more.  One can only hope! But life is busy and full, and I am not guaranteeing anything.  All that said, welcome  to Green Fuse.